Youko Kuramori


Youko Kuramori manga

Personal statistics
Name Youko Kuramori
Gender Female
Age 34
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Shiro Kuramori (Husband - Deceased)
Yumi Kuramori (Daughter - Deceased)
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 14
Manga debut Chapter 35
Seiyuu Seiko Fujiki
English Voice Christina Stroup
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Youko Kuramori is the wife of Shiro Kuramori. She didn't like his line of work and often told him so. She was killed by Parasites.


Youko is a slender woman with a pointed face and long brown hair, she has a mole under her left eye.


She cared for her husband and was worried he'd get into danger from his job, and often reminded him to allow the police to take the risky jobs.


She is first seen, presumably coming home from work late one night, and is greeted by her husband. After showering, she sits down with Shiro, and has a drink. Remarking on the injury on his arm, she believes he should stick to small cases and leave the dangerous jobs to the professionals. After Shiro comes home late one night, still half asleep, she asks him to go to the store. While Shiro is gone she along with her daughter, are killed by Kusano and Hikawa.