Taku Furuya

Taru Furuya.jpeg

Personal statistics
Name Taku Furuya
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation High School Student
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Junya Enoki
English Voice Cameron Bautsch

Taku Furuya is a fellow classmate of Shinichi Izumi.


Taku has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and a pointed chin. He is usually seen in his school uniform. He seems to be on the short side, as seen when next to Nagai and his other friends.


Taku has a rather carefree attitude, making jokes and fooling around, as seen during both Mr. A's and Hideo's assaults on the school. He can sometimes go too far as seen when snatching Shinichi's shirt from him and revealing the scar on his chest.


Taku is first seen in Mr. Yamamoto's class writing down notes. He and the rest of the class laugh at Shinichi when he's chewed out by the teacher for playing games on his phone.

Taku is later seen in the bathroom. He notices Shinichi whispering downwards at his urinal, and asks if he's talking to his "Johnson". The next day he is attending the orientation that introduces Ryoko Tamiya as their new assistant teacher. He, among many others, compliment her beauty. When Ryoko begins looking at Shinichi, Taku mistakes it for her looking at him, which excites him. When in class, after Ryoko leaves and requests Shinichi to see her in her office, Taku wonders what she'd want with someone like Shinichi. Akiho interupts saying they should pay more attention to the woman in front of them. Much to her embarrassment, Taku and Shinichi both brush her off.

He is again seen during class when Mr. A attacks the school. As they leave the building, he and Nagai notice the intruder through the window. Once outside the school, he and the rest of the group are surprised when an explosion occurs from inside the building.

After Shinichi misses multiple days of school, he and Nagai notice Satomi and Yuko talking. After Akiho begins questioning why Satomi was at Shinichi's house, Taku asks Nagai how long they've been going out. He brushes Taku off and walks away slightly annoyed. This leaves Taku standing awkwardly.

He is again later seen in gym class, recording the time for the 100 meter dash. He is surprised at the time Hideo Shimada clocked in at. He and the rest of his class are later seen reacting to Shinchi becoming furious in class and subsequently leaving. Once they learn another evacuation will be taking place, he begins making jokes alongside Nagai and Akiho. He states that killer B is on the loose, making a reference to the first killer that was simply known as Mr. A.

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