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Personal statistics
Name Takizawa
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation Police Director
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 9
Manga debut Chapter 20
Seiyuu Eiji Itô
English Voice James Belcher

Takizawa is the Chief of Police and is one of the men in charge of the investigation of the parasites. He is also one of the men who first suspected Shinichi.


Takizawa is a middle-aged man with black hair that he keeps combed neatly. He is always seen wearing a brown suit with a yellow button on its collar, along with a black tie and white dress shirt.


Takizawa took the threat of the parasites rather seriously. While wanting to keep their existence a secret, he did visit the family of the victims to pay his respects as well as gather information. It should be noted that while in charge of creating plans of opposition against parasites, he never partakes in them himself.


Takizawa is first seen talking to Shinichi's father. He, along with his bodyguard and sketch artist, are discussing the existence of the parasites. They are told that one of the creatures killed Kazuyuki's wife. Due to the lack of evidence and risk of panic that would ensue, they must keep their existence a secret. After Kazuyuki confirms a picture drawn by Haruki, they presumably leave.

During Hideo Shimada's rampage, Takizawa contacts Dr. Yui and informs him that he'll have a sample to study soon, but that it probably won't be alive. Not long after, Takizawa along with Dr. Yui go to a meeting involving political leaders. Takizawa introduces Dr. Yui as the leading intelligence on the psychology and physiology of the parasites. After Dr. Yui finishes his lecture, Takizawa states that since the likelihood of one of them being is a parasite is low, but not zero, that before leaving everyone must give a hair sample.

Takizawa is later seen in an office being notified that the newly promoted Inspector Hirama has arrived. After exchanging pleasantries, he introduces Hirama to Yamagishi. Takizawa explains that they'll be working closely with the Military and that they must use all available assets to ensure victory. After finishing their plan, Takizawa reveals that this mission will take place in the center of the city, at the city hall.

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