Ryōko's Mother

TamiyaRyoko's Mother

Ryōko's mother manga

Personal statistics
Name Uknown
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Ryōko Tamiya (Daughter - Deceased)
Species Human
Eye Blue
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 4
Manga debut Chapter 9
Seiyuu Seiko Fujiki
English Voice Marcie Bannor
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Ryōko's Mother is an older woman who was killed by the Parasite that took over her daughter.


She had medium length brown hair and blue eyes. She was seen wearing a purple coat with a skirt and stockings.


As a mother, she could tell the person she was talking to wasn't her daughter and went to call the police.


She is first seen visiting Ryōko, after hearing that she had lost her job. Concerned, she wishes to talk to her daughter, but Ryōko tells her they'll talk later. Becoming suspicious, she tells Ryōko to look at her, she almost immediately realizes that who ever she's talking to isn't her daughter. She runs to the phone to call the police, but is quickly killed. Ryōko proceeds to clean her body up and change her identity.