Oda anime.jpeg

Oda manga.jpeg

Personal statistics
Name Oda
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Grey (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Occupation Scientist
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 19
Manga debut Chapter 52
English Voice Luis Galdino

Oda is a scientist that assisted Yamagishi in identifying the Parasites.


In the anime Oda is an elderly man with grey hair and glasses. He is seen in a white lab coat. In the manga, Oda is much younger with black hair and a wide face. He wore glasses and a white dress shirt.


Oda was fairly intelligent, having built and operated a machine used to specifically locate parasites. He began to worry when parasites became harder to locate.


Oda was first seen inside a bus waiting orders from Yamagishi.

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