For the Parasite who took over Nobuko Izumi's body, see Nobuko Izumi (Parasite).
Nobuko Izumi

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Personal statistics
Name Nobuko Izumi
Japanese 泉信子
Rōmaji Izumi Nobuko
Gender Female
Age 40
Status Deceased
Relatives, etc. Kazuyuki Izumi (Husband)
Shinichi Izumi (Son)
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Seiyuu Chieko Sasai
English Voice Allison Sumrall
Live Action Kimiko Yo
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Nobuko Izumi (泉信子, lit. Izumi Nobuko) is the wife of Kazuyuki Izumi and the mother of Shinichi Izumi, and was killed and decapitated. Her headless corpse was taken over by a parasite that needed a female body to transfer to.


Younger Nobuko

Nobuko is a fair-skinned woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a white shirt with a pink coat and slippers. She has a burn mark on her right hand and wrist and had sustained this injury when she saved her son, Shinichi Izumi, from getting doused with boiling hot oil in the past. When she was younger, she is shown to have longer hair.


Nobuko is a kind woman who gets emotional very easily. As Shinichi's mother, she helped him many times and listens to him and Kazuyuki Izumi, her husband.


In the past, Nobuko saved a young Shinichi from getting burned by catching a pot of boiling hot oil as it was falling off the stove and gaining a large scarring burn on her hand and wrist in the process. Kazuyuki Izumi came immediately to see what had happened and takes notice of her injury. Upon realizing that she had burned her right hand, she screams and turns to the kitchen's wash basin to run water over it.

This scar serves as a reminder to Shinichi of his mother's sacrifice for him, and later causes him to hesitate in the process of killing the parasite who had taken over Nobuko's body.


After Shinichi's hand is infected with a parasite, Nobuko notices some differences in her son's behavior and personality. Although she doesn't express much worry at first, when she mentioned that her and Kazuyuki wanted a vacation, Shinichi was vehemently against it at first and then at the end of the day he says that he's fine with them going on the trip, which causes her to cry. She tells him that his personality changed and that he didn't seem to be her son anymore. Shinichi lies to her, saying that was afraid of being alone, but then decided he could invite some friends over so it would be fine. The next day they leave the house to Shinichi and go on their vacation.

The couple before the car crash.

Near where they are staying, there is a car crash involving a man and a parasitized woman. The parasite's host is fatally damaged, and she decapitates the man to take over his mostly-uninjured body. Meanwhile, Nobuko calls home, asking Shinichi if he's doing alright. Half-asleep, Shinichi tells her that he's fine. The parasite stumbles down the side of the road as the man's body begins to reject it, and it decides it needs a woman's body to function.

The female parasite being rejected by the male host body.

Nobuko right before the female parasite attacks her.

Nobuko gets killed.

As Shinichi's parents leave the small hotel they were staying at to go for a walk, they stop at a cliff by the sea to take in the beautiful view. Nobuko remarks that she would like to bring Shinichi there someday. A few moments later, her husband watches in horror as the parasite appears behind Nobuko and decapitates her. He manages to escape and later phones home from a payphone to tell Shinichi what happened to his mother, then collapses. He is later brought to Sakurazaki Hospital.

The parasite soon makes its way to the Izumi household. Unable to believe she is dead, Shinichi attempts to apologize for the scar on his mother's hand and refuses to allow Migi to defend him from the parasite impersonating her. He is then fatally injured, only surviving due to Migi's efforts to rebuild his heart. After he awakens, he heads to Sakurazaki Hospital to protect his father. Shinichi eventually avenges his mother by killing the parasite who killed her with assistance from Mamoru Uda and Jaw (then named Parasite), but remains unable to grieve for her.

He doesn't find closure for her death until Reiko Tamura temporarily uses Nobuko's appearance to gain his trust and give him her child before she dies.

Reiko Tamura tries to get Shinichi's trust by mimicking his mother's face.


  • The name Nobuko means "trust" (信) (nobu) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Nobuko's surname Izumi means "spring, fountain" (泉).
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