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Personal statistics
Name Mizushima
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Species Human
Eye Brown (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Hair Brown (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Occupation Military Official
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 19
Manga debut Chapter 52
English Voice Robert Meek

Mizushima is a soldier involved with the assault on the City Hall.


In the anime Mizushima is seen wearing tactical armor. He has short brown hair which he keeps covered by a blue cap. He has a goatee and brown eyes. In the manga he is seen with short black hair and a wide face. He was seen wearing a white shirt.


Mizushima was seen to be calm in the face off against the Parasites, and seamlessly followed orders from Yamagishi.


He is first seen inside one of the modded buses evaluating the screen along with Oda and Yamagishi. When ordered by Yamagishi, Mizushima begins a broadcast that informs the civilians of an armed intruder, in hopes that this will lead everyone to the first floor lobby. He tells the civilians that the squads are part of the police force, even though they're military, so there won't be a mass panic.

It's unknown if he was killed during the battle or was one of the few to escape.

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