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Personal statistics
Name Kamijou
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Unnamed Girlfriend
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation High School Student
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 5
Manga debut Chapter 10
Seiyuu Yuya Murakami
English Voice Jack Ivy
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Kamijou is a fellow student and friend of Shinichi's.


Kamijou is a tall young man with a long face and brown eyes. He has brown hair which is cut short on the sides but left longer on the top. He is always seen wearing his school uniform, while sometimes wearing a brown jacket with a fur-lined hood over it. In the manga he is somewhat shorter with short curly hair and a more rounded face.


Kamijou cares about his friends, as he tried to help Shinichi by lending his power when they fought against Mitsuo's gang. He often asks Shinichi how his relationship with Satomi is going, usually embarrassing the former. He also dope slaps Taku after some joking around revealed Shinichi's scar which he had tried to hide.


Kamijou is first seen praising Shinichi after hearing that he took on Mitsuo and his gang to help Nagai. He then tells Shinichi to let him know if Mitsuo starts acting up again, in which he complies.

When Mitsuo and his gang grabs Satomi in an attempt to make Shinichi back down, Kamijou, Nagai, and numerous other students soon arrive at the location to defend them and beat up Mitsuo's team. The confrontation allows Shinichi and Satomi to get away.

Weeks later, Kamijou notices Mitsuo outside their school and asks him why he's here. Mitsuo then states that he needs to talk to Shinichi. Kamijou then proceeds to call out for Shinichi, as Mitsuo has business with him.

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