Jaw anime

Uda manga

Personal statistics
Name Jaw
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Parasite
Eye Blue
Partner(s) Mamoru Uda
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 7
Manga debut Chapter 14
Seiyuu Ayumu Murase
English Voice Greg Ayres
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Jaw (ジョー, lit. ) is the name of the parasite that infected Mamoru Uda's neck and jaw. Uda simply calls him "Parasite", and later gives him the name "Jaw".


Unlike most parasites, Jaw has blue eyes with slit pupils and sharp teeth. The way that he emerges from his host'a neck also give him the resemblance of a goiter.


Like other parasites, he can think logically, and take the right action when the time needs it, shown when he changed Uda's vital organs, so he can eventually survive from Shinichi Izumi's parasite mother and attacks. Jaw learned language by watching movies with its host (who usually cried during the films). It's noted on multiple occasions that he can be rude, something that seems to increase as the series progresses.


Jaw was first seen in his more worm-like state, falling from a tree and attacking Uda. Taking him by surprise, as he entered his body through his lower neck, caused Uda to fall off a cliff and into the water below. Confused as to why his hosts body was failing, Jaw had to quickly stretch out Uda's mouth, in order to breath oxygen. Doing this meant Jaw failed to take over the brain, but managed to gain control over Uda's jaw and neck.


Jaw is first seen revealing himself to Shinichi and Migi, showing that they're in the same predicament.

Abilities & Powers

As a parasite, Jaw has the basic abilities to shapeshift his body, and harden his cells for offensive and defensive purposes. Due to his position on Uda's body, he is able to shift Uda's organs around, in case his is being attacked, which allows Uda's body to be pierced and survive it without trouble. Jaw can also elongate Uda's mouth and prevent him from drowning, acting similiar to a snorkle.


Because of the odd position in which Jaw is located, it puts him at a disadvantage when in combat. As it causes Uda to be dragged forwards and experience mild pain when jaw stretches out or changes form.


  • In Tokyopop publication, Jaw is referred to as "Jaws", in reference to the American thriller film, Jaws.