Hitoshi Iwaaki

Hitoshi Iwaaki.jpg

Personal statistics
Name Hitoshi Iwaaki
Rōmaji Iwaaki Hitoshi
Gender Male
Age 54
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation Professional Manga Artist
Series statistics

Hitoshi Iwaaki (岩明 均, Iwaaki Hitoshi), born on July, 28th 1960 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese manga artist. He is the writer and illustrator for the science fiction/horror series Kiseijuu.


Early Life




  • Fuuko no Iru Mise (4 volume, Morning 1986-1988)
  • Hone no Oto (1 volume, short stories, Morning 1990, large format edition 2003)
  • Kiseijuu (10 volumes, Afternoon 1990-1995, Perfect Edition: 8 volumes, 2003)
  • Tanabata no Kuni ("The Country of Tanabata") (4 volumes, Big Comic, Perfect Edition: 2 volumes, 2003)
  • Yuki no Touge, Tsurugi no Mai (2001, Kodansha)
  • Heureka (2002, Hakusensha)
  • Historie (2004-ongoing, 6 volumes as of May 2010 Afternoon)

Iwaaki also contributed a story to Neo Devilman.

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