Hikawa manga

Personal statistics
Name Hikawa
Gender Female (Body)
Status Deceased
Species Parasite
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Partner(s) Kusano
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 13
Manga debut Chapter 32
Seiyuu Makiko Ōmoto
English Voice Carli Mosier
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Hikawa was one of the parasites who were responsible for the deaths of Kuramori's wife and their daughter. She suspected Reiko was a traitor, and tried to kill her.


Hikawa was a slender woman of average height and build. She had long brown hair and brown eyes to match. She was seen wearing a light purple sweater and skirt.


She believed Reiko to be a threat and had no qualms with killing her. She remained calm and almost aloof when one of her allies was killed in front of her, but then became frantic when her own life was in danger.


Hikawa was first seen during small meetings of parasites. After Shinichi kills a parasite in one of their Restaurants, a meeting is held where they decide how to handle the situation. Coming to the conclusion to kill him, Miki volunteers to deal with him, though most are slightly skeptical. Much later, she and Kusano destroyed Kuramori's office and killed his wife and daughter. They comment on Miki handling Shinichi, deciding to trust his skill.

Hikawa, Kusano, and Maesawa hold a meeting with Reiko and question why she seemed to defending Shinichi's life. After Reiko explains that the true power of the human species is their sheer number, she leaves. Kusano, Maesawa and herself confront Reiko late one night, after coming to the decision to kill her. After Reiko ran, Hikawa fell behind and only arrived to the scene after part of Reiko entered Maesawa's body, while the remaining portion fled the scene. Hikawa stared at Maesawa as his body was destroyed, but became frantic as he jumped on top of her. Reiko's portion inside Maesawa soon exploded from his stomach, killing him, and entered her body. She tried to fight it off, but was attacked by Kusano, who claimed that he couldn't be sure Hikawa was still in control. After a quick battle and Hikawa begging for her life, her body was dismembered.

Abilities & Powers

As a parasite, Hikawa has the basic abilities to shapeshift her head, and maximize the physical potential of the body she's controlling. She can harden her cells for offensive and defensive purposes.