Dr. Yui

Dr. Yui

Dr. Yui manga

Personal statistics
Name Dr. Yui
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Grey
Occupation Scientist
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 10
Manga debut Chapter 24
Seiyuu Hideyuki Umezu
English Voice Mike Vance
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Dr. Yui is a scienist, who examined the body of Hideo Shimada. He deduced that if you can pluck a single hair from anywhere on a persons body, you can tell if said person is a Parasite.


Dr. Yui is an older grey haired man, he was seen wearing buisness suits in the meeting about Shimada's autopsy.


He was excited at the prospect of getting a chance to dissect a parasites corpse. He was more than happy to over take the meeting and discuss about his findings.


Dr. Yui is first seen being contacted by phone, from Police Chief Takizawa. He's informed about the current situation involving Hideo, and is excited at the prospect of having a sample to study and says he'll begin heading to their location.