Chapter 55

Chapter Info
Volume 9
Chapter 55
Kanji 寄生獣
Rōmaji Kisei-jū
Total Pages 34
Release Date November 22nd, 1994 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 20
Episode 21
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1994-05
Chapter Chronology
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Parasyte (寄生獣, Kisei-jū) is the 55th chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


Uragami, who's leading a squadron, makes their way through the building, killing Parasites. When they run into Gotou, their attack methods are left ineffective. As Gotou kills the squadron, Uragami is the only one to escape. In the conference room, Mayor Hirokawa is surrounded by soldiers. He begins to berate the human race and calls them the monsters. Becoming more aggressive as he talks, the soldiers kill him, revealing he's a human.




  • This is one of the few chapters where neither Shinichi or Migi are present.