The Park

Chapter 46

Chapter Info
Volume 8
Chapter 46
Kanji となり町の公園
Rōmaji Tonari machi no kōen
Total Pages 34
Release Date February 23rd, 1994 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 17
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1993-08
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 45 Chapter 47

The Park (となり町の公園, Tonari machi no kōen) is the 46th chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


While inside Shinichi's house, Reiko answers the phone, and asks Shinichi to meet her at Hikari Park. Outside Reiko has a short conversation with Murano, letting her know Shinichi will return soon. Detective Hirama and the rest of the police force continue to try and locate Reiko and Kuramori. At the park Reiko confronts Kuramori and comments his ability to calm the child.