Final Form

Chapter 41

Chapter Info
Volume 7
Chapter 41
Kanji 完全体
Rōmaji Kanzentai
Total Pages 34
Release Date July 23rd, 1993 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 16
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1993-03
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 40 Chapter 42

Final Form (完全体, Kanzentai) is the 41st chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


Shinichi and Migi watch in awe as the decapitated body has its head replaced. Revealing his body has 5 Parasites inside of it, Gotou takes over. Quickly outclassing Shinichi, and hitting him from multiple angles, he has no choice but to run. Though Gotou easily catches up with them, but due to blood loss and getting hit by a truck, Shinichi and Migi managed to escape.