Red Tears

Chapter 31

Chapter Info
Volume 5
Chapter 31
Kanji 赤い涙
Rōmaji Akai namida
Total Pages 36
Release Date August 22nd, 1992 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 12
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1992-04
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 30 Chapter 32

Red Tears (赤い涙, Akai namida) is the 31st chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


After Kana follows a signal she believes to be Shinichi, she runs into an actual parasite, and is fatally wounded. Enraged Shinichi kills the parasite with his bare hands, and holds Kana as she dies. At her funeral there are two detectives, that know the existence of the parasites, and have interrogated Shinichi. After briefly fighting Mitsuo, Shinichi begins hitting his head against a tree, relieved to see that his blood is still red.