A Girl's Dream

Chapter 26

Chapter Info
Volume 4
Chapter 26
Kanji 少女の夢
Rōmaji Shōjo no yume
Total Pages 36
Release Date January 23rd, 1992 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 11
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1991-11
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 25 Chapter 27

A Girl's Dream (少女の夢, Shōjo no yume) is the 26th chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


Due to a trend of pulling out hair to make sure a person isn't a parasite, some parasites are revealed by the same trend and kill their witnesses. Kana senses Shinichi and begins asking questions about Hideo. Later, Kana has a talk with Satomi about Shinichi's change in character.


Kana dreams she is sitting in a field of flowers when several monstrous humanoids appear. They chase and surround her and are about to eat her head when an armored Shinichi appears on a white horse. His right hand transforms to resemble a sword being held in it, and he cuts through the monsters, saving Kana. The sword then dissipates and he holds her in a princess carry before leaning down to kiss her. She wakes up before they make contact, and laughs hysterically at her dream before saying she'd rather die than tell anyone about it.

On the subway, she notices an image of Hideo on an article about him being the school killer and remembers Shinichi warning her about him being a monster.

In the afternoon, she comes up and plucks one of Shinichi's hairs, then begins to question him about Hideo. He tells her he didn't know what Hideo is, which she cheerfully confirms that no one knows about monsters and distresses him. Shinichi once again considers telling her the truth, but knows Migi is still awake and won't hesitate to stop him.

At night in a park, a woman is clinging onto a man and mistakenly calling him Kato. He tries to depart after she realizes her mistake, but she clings to him and makes him sit with her on a park bench. She calls his face too pretty, asking if he's had plastic surgery which he flatly affirms. She then plucks three of his hairs and sees them struggle and die. Panicked, she tries to swear she won't tell anyone and squishes his face while she's struggling to escape his grip.

Another woman comes by and looks past some bushes to see him dragging the first woman away, her neck clearly snapped. He asks the newcomer for assistance, explaining that he was found out because of the hair. She notes that humans usually only do that with people they're familiar with, which the man passes off as the victim being drunk. They eat the corpse together, with the female parasite commenting that she dislikes alcohol due to it making it difficult to keep a disguise intact.



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