Wild Animal

Chapter 02

Chapter Info
Volume 1
Chapter 2
Kanji 野獣
Rōmaji Yajū
Total Pages 36
Release Date July 23rd, 1990 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 1
Episode 2
Morning Open Zokan Issue G
Chapter Chronology
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Wild Animal (野獣, Yajū) is the 2nd chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


Shinichi begins to adapt to having a parasite in his right arm, which he names Migi. Though his friends and family start noticing a sudden change in him, Shinichi is able to keep his secret. After Migi senses another of his kind, which happens to have a dog as a host, the parasite becomes hostile and tries to kill them. Luckily Migi easily kills the creature.


As the sun rises, Shinichi comments that even though it's morning, the nightmare won't end. Migi is seen split into two different bodies, studying the books Shinichi has in his room. While Migi studies the anatomy of animals, Shinichi tells it he's going to go to the doctors and getting him removed. Migi asks Shinichi not to do that since it recieves nourishment from his circulatory system. It also says that it'll be bad for Shinichi as well, since he'll lose his arm. Migi comes to the compromise that when it sleeps it'll give Shinichi complete control of his arm. Migi then proceeds to go sleep, leaving Shinichi confused.

Downstairs, Shinichi is seen eating breakfast with his mother and father, who are surprised by how much he's eating. At school, Shinichi stares at his right hand, while doing so the teacher from before throws another piece of chalk at him. This piece hits Shinichi in the head confusing him, as the class laughs, the teacher apologizes.

At home, Nobuko is seen cleaning her house, when she hears a segment on the new. Toshie Fujii and her children, Shōko Fujii and Minoru Fujii were a brutally murdured. The husband has been missing and is now a potential suspect. At the park Shinichi contemplates going to the doctors, though he begins worrying what people would think. Thinking he'd become a lab rat and lose his arm, he believes it'd be ok if it continued to sleep. From behind a girl named Murano chops Shinichi on the back of his head, scaring him. She asks him why he went home early yesterday and says that if he keeps missing club meetings, the president will get upset. After learning he was sick, she leaves.

Migi soon wakes up and comments on Shinichi's feelings for Murano, asking him if he wanted to mate with her. Migi then continues by saying it can also tell when Shinichi is sleepy, hungry, or excited. Before Shinichi can begin yelling at Migi, it tells him to use the bathroom. In the bathroom, Migi asks about Shinichi's genitals and tries to cause an erection. As Shinichi begins yelling and puts Migi under cold water, a couple of boys witness Shinichi's strange antics.

Later, Shinichi comments that Migi is an alien, Migi asks why Shinichi thinks that, in which he replies that his snake form had to alien. Migi concures that it isn't in any biology books, and that his earliest memory is its regret of not taking the brain. Becoming worried, Shinichi asks if Migi will still try to take his brain. Migi informs Shinichi that it would be impossible due to having matured with any knowledge of controlling the brain. Shinichi then asks what would've happened had Migi succeeded, in which he replies that he'd be a human with a transforming head. While Shinichi expresses his disgust, Murano runs up from behind and attempts to chop Shinichi. She is surprised when his hand easily grabs hers. Shinichi looks back noticing Murano, and begins yelling at Migi. Confused, Murano asks if he's alright, he says yes then asks if she like to get something to eat.

At a McDonalds, Shinichi asks Murano if she likes animals, she says yes with the exception of snakes. As Shinichi begins to asks Murano another question, he looks over and sees that Migi has morphed itself in a large penis. Screaming, and grabbing the attention of the other customers, he quickly hides it under the table. Shinichi says that he's fine and proceed to leave to the train station. Before leaving Murano asks Shinichi if he's the real Shinichi, he replies yes. After a short pause Murano heads home.

Back at his own home, Shinichi question Migi on his actions in the restaurant. Migi states that he's aware of Shinichi's urge to "mate" with Murano and was just trying to help. After Shinichi proclaims that Migi is wearing him out, to which he says to go to sleep.