Chapter 17

Chapter Info
Volume 3
Chapter 17
Kanji 変貌
Rōmaji Henbō
Total Pages 32
Release Date July 23rd, 1991 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 7
Episode 8
Monthly Afternoon Issue 1991-02
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 16 Chapter 18

Transformation (変貌, Henbō) is the 17th chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


With Shinichi back in school, it becomes more apparent to friends and foes alike that he's become a different person. Shinichi gets into a fight with Mitsuo and easily overpowers him. Kana begins to like Shinichi more when she realizes she can sense his presence.


In the subway, Kana detects Shinichi's presence. Satomi spots him outside and goes to greet him, where he reveals he's changed his hairstyle.

Elsewhere, Mitsuo is busy beating up another student and is stopped by his fellow classmate due to going too far. The others comment that he's gotten worse, likely due to his jealousy over Kana's attention on Shinichi.

In school, Kana wonders how she sensed him and Mitsuo grabs her arm, asking her to deny her interest in Shinichi. She instead smacks him with a bag and expresses her dislike for Mitsuo. Frustrated, he decides to head over to West High to beat someone up while his followers choose not to join him.

Kamijo and Nagai notice him outside the school, and call for Shinichi when he tells them he has business with him. Mitsuo shows confusion upon seeing his different style and attitude. Shinichi brushes off Kamijo and Nagai's offer to join him, and they too comment on his changes.

Once alone, Mitsuo demands to know if Shinichi had sex with Kana, which he easily denies as he was out of town. He then starts to leave until Mitsuo throws a punch, which Shinichi allows to hit despite being able to perceive it as if Mitsuo were barely moving. He then shoves Mitsuo over and walks away again, while Mitsuo attempts to continue the fight.

Shinichi tells him to stop as everything is different, but Mitsuo aims a kick which Shinichi catches one-handed and tosses him away. Satomi runs up, having heard from Kamijo about the confrontation. Shinichi tells her it was nothing. He then puts down Mitsuo's shoe dismissively and leaves with her.

While walking, Satomi asks if something happened while he was away, and he coolly tells her he just skipped school. Unsettled and saddened at his different attitude she asks him once again if he's Shinichi Izumi, to which he says, "Who knows?". She stops. Shinichi then tells her he was joking and asks if she's Satomi Murano.

Nearby, Kana senses him again and is amazed by her ability, then is disappointed when she sees Satomi with him. Migi's eye pops out as he contemplates Kana.



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