Chapter 01

Chapter Info
Volume 1
Chapter 1
Kanji 侵入
Rōmaji Shin'nyū
Total Pages 40
Release Date July 23rd, 1990 (Tankōbon Release)
Corresponding Episodes Episode 1
Morning Open Zokan Issue F
Chapter Chronology
N/A Chapter 2

Invasion (侵入, Shin'nyū) is the 1st chapter of the Kiseijuu manga series, written and illustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki.


Snake like creatures rain down from the sky and begin controlling human bodies. Shinichi has one of the creatures enter his right arm, but with no evidence, believes it to be a dream. After a confrontation with a gang, his arm comes to life, and speaks to him. Else where, the creatures begin to kill and eat humans.


Somewhere on Earth a person pondered that if the population were reduced to half, would fewer forest be destroyed. A person though that if there were to be one person for every one hundred that there is now, the pollution would be much less. On Earth, someone thought "we have to protect the future of all life."

Parasyte Parasite

One of the creatures

Above the city, an unknown amount of spherical objects, no larger than a tennis ball rained down from the sky. As they landed, a snake like creature emerged, and began moving about. They were in parking lots, fields, trees, and streets. One of the creatures is seen being barked at by a stray dog. Elsewhere, another one of the creatures crawls under a door and into a house. It enters the ear of a sleeping man, causing him to shake and make weird noises. This wakes his wife up, curious she asks her husband if he's alright, but he then stops moving and falls back to sleep, so she does the same.

At another house, a single creature enters the room of a teenager. Unable to enter through the ear, due to the boys earbuds, it tries to crawl in the nose. The boy feeling the sensation, wakes up pulling the creature out and sneezes. Once he sees it he quickly jumps out of bed, believing it to be a snake, and prepares to kill it. While looking for the creature it suddenly jumps at him, and begins burrowing into his palm. As it moves up his arm, he begins screaming, alerting his mother and father. Back in the boys room, he's tied his headphones around his arm, stopping the creature from moving further into his body, but also cuts off his circulation as well. His parents come into his room, revealing his name to be Shinichi, and ask what he's doing. He tells them about the snake thats burrowed into his arm, and that it left a hole in his hand. Though, when he goes to show them, the hole is gone, causing his father to ask if he's on drugs, which in turns causes his mother to laugh. Confused, Shinichi begins messing with his arm, as his parents leave they tell him to go to sleep. Later, while sleeping he hears a voice declaring its failure, when Shinichi asks about the failure, he's told to shut up.

Shinichi then jumps awake, surprised by how soon the morning came. Downstairs, his father teases him and asks if he's found the snake yet. Shinichi mentions that his arm feels slightly numb, to which his mom says it probably due to the cord he'd wrapped around it, they then continued to have a regular morning. At a house ten kilometers away, the man from earlier is seen making faces in the mirror. His wife is heard sending the kids off to school, and then comments on her husband not being ready for work. She then asks if he wants anything to eat, the man with a blank stare walks over and grabs his wife, saying that she's food. His head then splits open into multiple sharp toothed pieces, quickly biting down on her head, killing her.

At school, Shinichi is seen discussing last nights situation to a young girl. His teacher notices this, and throws a piece of chalk at him, though without looking he catches and crushes the chalk. The teacher now embarrassed hits Shinichi, Shinichi wonder why he got hit, when one of his classmates says he made fun of the teacher. Suddenly his arm begins moving, touching a female student on the back, which causes her to slap him. Shinichi asks why everyone is acting weird today, when his friend take notice of his arm, which was streched out. His friend then runs away telling him to stay away from him. After his arm returns to normal, Shinichi then asks permission to go home, and that he doesn't feel well.

On the train home, he falls asleep and once again hears the voice declaring it failure. Waking up from this, he finds his hand touching another older students face. The mans friends then surround him, asking him which school he goes to, they then make him get off at the next stop. Now in a public restroom, they starting hitting Shinichi, when his hand suddenly grows and eye. Asking for his wallet, they continue to beat him, his hand now thinking to itself, takes note of Shinichi's heavy breathing and blood pressure, concluding he's being attacked. Before being hit once more, his arm swiftly hits the attacker, sending him flying across the room. His friends surprised by what they've just witnessed, decide to attack Shinichi all at once. His arms again easily beats down the attackers, leaving only one standing, who quickly leaves.

Realizing something is wrong with his arm, Shinichi quickly runs home. His mother surprised that he's home, is ignored when he arrives, confusing her. In his room, Shinichi pulls out a knife, and asks what his hand really is. Suddenly he loses feeling in his hand, and watched as it split between his index and middle finger, changing into a creature with hands, eyes, and a mouth of its own. Stunnded, Shinichi asks about his hand, the creature states that it ate it. Bursting into laughter, and asking that this thing is, he tries to stab it. The creature then easily stops and breaks the knife in half. It then asks Shinichi to teach it how to speak.

Back at the other residence, the man is seen to have changed his face to match the new reporter on the tv. When his daughter comes home, he quickly returns his face to normal and greets her. As he walks away, it shows the mutilated body of his wife.