Tarou manga

Personal statistics
Name Abe
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Junior P.I.
Partner(s) Shiro Kuramori
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 15
Manga debut Chapter 37
English Voice Luis Galindo
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Abe is a young private investigator, who under the tutelage of Kuramori, was given the task of following Miki.


Abe has spiky black hair and has a slim frame. He was seen wearing a brown and yellow vest over a long sleeved white shirt and blue jeans.


Abe took his job seriously, and gladly followed every order he was given. He became very scared when he saw a dead body.


Abe is first seen watching Reiko Tamura from a distance in a café. He watches and describes the situation to Kuramori as a man walks in. When Tamura and the other man leave, Kuramori orders him to follow the man. He continues watching, while the man picks up a girl from the arcade. After following them into a parking garage, he becomes shocked when he sees a dead body, and is then immediately caught and killed by Miki. Kuramori, hearing his distress over the radio, quickly goes looking for him, but is unsuccessful.